The Pain Society of Alberta hosts events to enhance and deliver evidence based education and pain management tools to ultimately improve the lives of people living with pain.
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#PainAB2020 Virtual Conference

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Lets Talk About My Pain

The Pain Society of Alberta's very first let's talk about my pain event on June 26th, 2020.  Distinguished speakers who volunteered their time, a wealth of information, their experiences, and support to address patients managing pain in Alberta.  Topics ranged from mindfulness and acceptance, sleeping with chronic pain and whether or not medical cannabis is for you.  

Introduction | 07:22

Dr. Rob Tanguay

Introduction to the Pain Society of Alberta's very first let's talk about my pain event, hosted by current PSA President Dr. Rob Tanguay.

Patient Experience  | 13:54
Claudine Adlington

Claudine Adlington from Alberta Talks Pain shares her experience living chronic pain.

Movement with Chronic Pain  | 12:17

Bonnie Klassen

Bonnie Klassen, a clinical occupational therapist with 23 years of experience, exploring movement for people with chronic pain .

Sleep and Chronic Pain  | 29:50

Dr. Atul Khullar

Dr. Atul Khullar is a Psychiatrist and sleep specialist who directs the Northern Alberta Sleep Clinic in Edmonton. He joined the event to discuss techniques in improving sleeping with chronic pain

Movement & Exercise Break | 06:22

Safa Rahman and Stuart Miller

Our first Movement and exercise break! Reconnecting with your body, led by Physiotherapist Safa Rahman, followed by a musical performance including Physiotherapist Stuart Miller, featuring an acoustic cover.

Acceptance & Commitment | 40:28

Dr. Elisabeth Saxon

Dr. Elisabeth Saxton is a Clinical Psychologist and National Director of Mental Health for CBI Health Group. She speaks on mindfulness and acceptance  for patients who strive to live their lives despite managing their pain.

Movement & Exercise Break | 05:37

Alexandra Chisholm

Alexandra (Alex) Chisholm, a Clinical Physiotherapist, introduces us to boxing! Alex holds her post-graduate certificate in Multidisciplinary Pain Management from the University of Alberta.

Movement & Exercise Break | 06:39

Erica DeNeve

Erica DeNeve has been a Massage Therapist for 22 years. She helps people manage chronic pain and rare musculoskeletal diseases.

Medical Cannabis for Pain | 28:51

Dr. Rob Tanguay ⁩and Christelle Zacharki

Is cannabis something that would benefit me? Our current President, Dr. Rob Tanguay ⁩and Pharmacist Christelle Zacharki delve into Medical Cannabis for Pain. 

Patient Experience | 17:32

Tracy Fossum

Tracy Fossum, a veteran chronic pain advocate and creator of Help Alberta's Pain to give patients a community and larger voice in the province. She has lived with pain all her life, and is committed to ensuring that all patients have help and hope in their journey.

Q and A | 1:07:00

Our distinguished panel of speakers answering your questions!