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Here's whats in store for you!

Opioid Panel Discussion

Dr. Jenni Joo

Keith Meldrum

Dr. Sam Parmiter

Dr. Nivez Rasic

Dr. Cathy Scrimshaw

Klaudia Zabrzenski

Closing the Gap: Preventing Acute to Chronic Pain Transition in Surgical Patients

Dr. Jenni Joo

Dr. Nivez Rasic

Rosa Reyes

Science-ploitation and the Rise of Science-y Unproven Therapies

Professor Timothy Caulfield


Workability and Return to Work

Rhea Bell

Doug Gross

Dr. Elisabeth Saxton

Dr. Elaine Wainwright

Headache and Migraine

Dr. Alexander Melinyshyn


Dr. Jackie Gardner-Nix

Indigenous Wisdom: How Can it Guide Us?

Arrow Big Smoke

Teresa Trudeau

Dr. Simon Colgan

How Nature Heals Us: Emerging Science of the Health Benefits When Engaging with the Natural World

Dr. Leif Hass

Grief and Living with a Chronic Illness

Len McEwen

Lori Chomik

Dr. Sasha Mallya


My Healing Cycle: Challenges and Successes

Spencer Beach

Social Prescribing: An Innovative Approach to Improve the Lives of People with Complex Pain

Dr. Marie Anne Essam

The Navigator Tool and its use in Improving the Quality of Consultations in Chronic Pain

Dr. Martin Dunbar

Communicating Effectively When Explaining Pain

Luke Bongiorno

PaRx: The Evidence-Based Nature Prescription that belongs in your practice

Alexandra Chisholm

Bonnie Klassen

Managing Arthritis

Dr. Eric Campbell

Christian Barton

Time to Rethink an ‘Old’ Disease? The Modern Story of Osteoarthritis

Dr. Tasha Stanton

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