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Submission Guidelines

Pain is often challenging to convey in words alone.  Art has the unique ability to capture the nuances of pain, offering a profound and visceral expression that resonates beyond verbal description. Express yourself and shed light on the often overlooked realities of pain for individuals and communities. 


Open to amateur artists of all backgrounds and experience levels.

Artists must be of legal age and reside in Alberta, Canada.

Submission Deadline

All submissions must be entered through our form by July 31, 2024 at 11:59PM MT.

Upon submission, you'll receive a confirmation.

Submission Criteria

  • Acceptable mediums are painting, drawing, illustration, and any print medium, including digital.

  • Video, 3D, and AI submissions are not accepted this year.

  • Artwork should have a size ratio of 4:5 with a horizontal orientation and a minimum resolution of 250 dpi.

  • Clear subject composition and the photo area is free of obstructions.

  • The subject is well-lit and free of shadows.

  • Thoughtfully crop your photo, focusing on the main subject and eliminating any distracting background elements.

  • A title for your masterpiece, a brief description, and a comment on the techniques you used.

  • Each artist may submit only ONE entry.

  • All submissions must be in PNG or JPEG format.

  • Submissions are to be labeled using this format (FirstandLastName_ABArtAward).

  • Ensure submission size is below 25 MB for smooth uploading.

Prizes and Awards

  1. First Place will receive a certificate of recognition, and be the feature of our limited edition 2024 conference tote bags. Additionally, the recipient will be invited to attend our gala event where their award will be presented.

  2. The runner-up will be awarded a certificate of recognition and an invitation to attend our gala event where their award will be presented.

2024 Conference Tote Bags

An extension of our ongoing efforts to broaden the reach of the Pain Society of Alberta, this initiative aims to deepen public understanding of pain's impact through art and collaborate with fellow expressive enthusiasts.

The first-place winner will have their artwork prominently featured on a limited edition tote bag, which will be available by donation at our annual event.  Promotion for this award and the feature 2024 conference tote will be headed by the Pain Society of Alberta and encourage participants to spread their creativity by sharing this feature with friends and colleagues!  Further logistical details will be supplied once the winner has been notified.

Rights and Usage

  1. All submissions must be original creations of the artist and must not infringe upon any copyrights or plagiarize the work of others.  By submitting your work, you confirm that you are the sole owner of the submitted artwork and have full rights to its use.

  2. By submitting your artwork, you grant the Pain Society of Alberta the royalty-free right to display, distribute, and publish the submitted work on our website, social media platforms, and any other promotional materials, both digital and printed, in affiliation with this award.  the Pain Society of Alberta will credit the artist whenever the submitted artwork is used for promotional purposes. 

  3. The Pain Society of Alberta reserves the right to make minor modifications to the submitted artwork for promotional purposes, such as resizing or cropping, while preserving the integrity of the original work.

  4. Confirmation: Upon submission, you will receive a confirmation email acknowledging receipt of your artwork and acceptance of these submission guidelines.


By submitting your artwork, you agree to adhere to these guidelines and grant the Pain Society of Alberta the necessary rights for the specified usage of your work.

Judging Process and Criteria

Submissions will undergo a blind vote by the Social Media Committee, with a presidential tiebreaker if required.

  1. Visual Quality: Entries will be evaluated based on the aesthetics and emotional impact of the image presented.

  2. Descriptive Text: The clarity and simplicity of the descriptive text accompanying the submission will be considered.

  3. Originality: Judges will assess the originality and uniqueness of the artwork.

Announcing the Winner

The winner will be first notified by June 15th,2024 through email with a personal call to follow, celebrating your award, and offering further details. 


Display During our Event

Art may be displayed at our annual conference. They may be included among event slides created by the Pain Society of Alberta.

Learn, grow, thrive.

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